LaFerrari, Enzo, F40... and the F50

Stephen Daubert 08/29/2014 Reviews

The praise for recent super cars has increased exponentially and everyone has been jumping on the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari bandwagon, but what about the forgotten super cars, the ones that still turn heads and provide that unique blend of power and handling. These super cars have been shoved in garages and left to collect dust on the side of roads or in parking garages. The car that we think sums up these super cars is the Ferrari F50.

Some believe it to be the red headed step child between the boundary pushing F40 and the F1 inspired Enzo. The Ferrari needed to build a super car in the 1990s to compete against its rivals but somehow the F50 was immediately lost wandering down a random path that lead to nowhere when it went on sale. The F50 had a F1 inspired V12, its rarer than a F40 or an Enzo and radical looks, so why is it the unloved stepchild in Ferrari’s stable of super cars?  

Some Ferrari purists believe it to lack the technology or it was too soft or did Pininfarina hand over the design to their intern? I disagree with everything above, the V12 was extremely loud, and how could you call it comfortable? It had brute force from 513 prancing ponies and featured a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, that’s all F1 inspired technology. Everything Ferrari knew from F1 in the 1990s it threw into the F50 making it the perfect super car.

 Some purists believe the Pininfarina looks were too 1990s, it reminds them of those terrible cars from 1990 Detroit, like the Pontiac Firebird, with scoops and louvers promising unbelievable performance but drove like a used Hyundai. I completely disagree, the F50 was suppose to look radical, Pininfarina should have added scoops on top of scoops, it the 1990s people, come on! Comparing the F50 to the F40 or even the Enzo is ridiculous, the F50 was made for a specific generation a specific time period and it fits perfect! The Enzo was years ahead of its time and the F40 is hands down the best car Ferrari has ever made, but this doesn’t rule out that the F50 is still an amazing supercar, that has super power, and super looks! I believe the F50 is not the red headed stepchild but the intelligent, lacking some common sense middle child.